Falling Through Doors


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I am the co-author of Redrafting Winter (BuschekBooks, 2015), which was shortlisted for QWF’s 2016 A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry. I live in a north-facing high-rise apartment. The sunsets from here are unreal! My cat was born in Australia. (He is actually quite small, but I like this photo of him because he looks big, which helps me justify how frightened I am of him for at least an hour a day.) My poetry, short fiction and commentary have appeared in publications such as Arc Poetry Magazine, Branch Magazine, The Big Issue, carte blanche, Cordite, Headlight, Kill Your Darlings, Sleepers Almanac, Soliloquies and Translating Horses (Baseline Press, 2015). I studied creative writing and English literature at Concordia University, and hold an MA in writing and editing from the University of Melbourne. I enjoy cooking, playing my guitar, and discovering new things like dehydrated textured vegetable protein and Netflix. In 2014 I was shortlisted for both the Affirm Press Creative Writing Prize for fiction and the Whitmore Press Manuscript Prize for poetry. That same year I accidentally won an engraved silver tankard at a performance poetry competition that I’d just thought was an open mic. I run a writing and editing business, too, which you can find out more about at alisonstrumberger.com. I’ve spent a decade away from Canada, but now I’m back, trying to make sense of this place that was once my home. I was born in BC’s Okanagan Valley, and was raised on Vancouver Island, which is still – many countries, continents and years later – the most beautiful place I’ve been. I now live in Toronto, which is a fine place, too.

 June 8th, 2016