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Redrafting Winter – Alison Strumberger & Gillian Sze


In March 2007, after reading And Once More Saw the Stars, Alison Strumberger penned the first lines of a poem, mailed them to Gillian Sze, and, unbeknownst to them, started a three-year correspondence that would include over seventy letters and postcards mailed from thirteen cities around the world. Part memoir, part epistolary, and part poetry, Redrafting Winter documents the friendship of two writers navigating their twenties, each in search of a footing in the world.

Blackened brick chimney,

the haze of wood heat

blends frozen stone behind.

                         The sky is cruel blue

                         stretched full of wind.

Here is the beginning. By mail, we will have more time to think about what comes next.


9781894543859 | Poetry
Published by BuschekBooks, 2015

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 June 8th, 2016